First Post!

Donkey ride from the Aegean Sea coast to Fira, Santorini– Greece

Hi everyone!

I figured I should do a somewhat proper introduction before I take off with my blog. My name is Margaret (I rarely ever respond to Marg but I might as well start) and I just turned 24 years old on June 10th (as of recently, my birth date are significant life markers for me and you’ll find out why shortly). I’ve wanted to have a blog of my own for many years (a lot of people can attest to this– I am somewhat of a procrastinator) but never followed through until now. Well, for one being I do have a lot of much content that is simply stored on laptops, Dropbox and my SD cards and I really want and need an outlet to share my experiences. I want to use my blog as a collection basket of my experiences per-say so I can reflect, in both the near and distant future, of what I can barely remember now. My short term memory is overtaking everything! I don’t want to limit myself by sticking to one category of blogging, so I am classifying this as a lifestyle blog (mainly travels, FOOD, outings, fashion, etc.). Not only will I be sharing my experiences as a black female solo traveler but also tips and tricks I have picked up, from finding good flight deals to traveling alone.

Anyway, bear with me– the last time I blogged was during the Xanga, MySpace and Tagged era so I am more than rusty with this.

Stay tuned,




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