Navy Pier Chicago



Okay, if you know me or even know of me, you’ll know I do not know my city, Chicago. I’ve lived in Chicago for almost 14 years and I am as much of a visitor as any tourist simply because I truly do not know my Chicago. When kids in high school where spending their summer roaming around the city and congregating downtown (I actually had a nightmare about this recently), I could not be bothered. For one, I do not like summer. I am already hot, body temperature-wise, and summer makes living somewhat harder. Secondly, I preferred to stay home than to walk around aimless. I must say I wished I was one of those kids that did that but you live and you learn. After high school, I moved 6 hours south for uni. There went my other chance to get familiar with Chicago. I have a guest coming into town so I figured I’d better start getting to know Chicago before then so I can properly host.

On Father’s Day, I visited Navy Pier— not as a local but as a “tourist”. The last time I was at the pier was over five years ago. It was some type of field trip in high school. This time around, I actually took part in some activities. I took in the amazing skyline of the city, ate an o-k crêpe from one of the outside food stands (I wouldn’t recommend grabbing a bite from there but eh, it’s part of the experience), went on the Ferries wheel with my terrified sister, walked around the pier and ran into the ending of live music segment by Chicago Tribute Anthology band at the Landshark Beer Garden.

I decided to go back to my “fashionable” roots. I’ve been attempting to be a minimum traveler but I realize I am not as stylish as I used to be because I have to pack way less than I would like– which is totally not me. So this time around, I guess I “dressed up” (this is my casual and dress-up to others). Although I don’t like sacrificing fashion for minimize traveling, I do have key pieces that are fashionable, lightweight and easy to pack such as my snake skin print strappy 2″ heeled scandal from Shoedazzle. Fashionable yet comfortable– they are my walking shoes.



np4Can you tell how the crêpe taste from the look on my face?





np13Pirate of Chicago!




Blazer- thrifted

White tee- H&M

Jumper- Forever 21 (last year)

Shoes- Shoedazzle

Purse- H&M

Jewelry- Charlotte Russe

What do you enjoy doing in the city? I’ve a staycation in the coming weeks and I would love to get some recommendations from you. Thanks in advance.





6 thoughts on “Navy Pier Chicago

  1. Hehe!! So who’s coming into town?? I 👀👀 youuuu! Lol. You have millennium park with the bean. the beach along lake shore is awesome too, I’ve always wanted to bike in the area but I never Did. Maybe this summer. Don’t forget Willis tower, and you can show him the Deloitte Building right next to it 😉 shopping michigan ave. I love the signature lounge. You have got to go there at night. It’s on the 96th floor of the Hancock buil.. With a great view of chi. Very nice! Xoxo

    1. Bhahahaa 😉
      I didn’t know the Deloitte Building is next to Willis– Well, what do I know? Lol, we should bike down the lake shore! See you soon and thanks for the suggestions, Malicka!


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