Seven Days Older

greenport Last week, I spent my 24th birthday by having a day trip to Greenport, NY. Nothing like spending the whole day without any care in the world and no makeup on (actually, I do this often but you get the point). My significant other is always thoughtful when planning a great birthday. Last year, we spent the day lounging at home which included a birthday song, cake and tears from me, of course. At night, we ventured out Pio Pio in Manhanttan, where I was introduced to Peruvian cuisine. Even since then, I have been so eager to eat some Peruvian food at every opportunity I get this. This year, he planned an amazing day trip outside of the hustling and bustling New York City. I did not know about the trip until the night before, although he hinted several times. I don’t usually snoop around when there is a surprise in the making. I love surprises! This surprise was a getaway from The City to Long Island wine country. Greenport is 2-3 three hours from NYC via Long Island Railroad (LIRR), coach bus or private transportation. We are not new to day trips. However, this time around it was a bit difficult for me to wake up since we went out the night before. With determination, anything is possible especially because there is only one train scheduled/day for both segments of our commute. We caught the LIRR to Ronkonkoma from the Jamaica station in Queens, NY at 9:35am. At Ronkonkoma, we transfered to the Greenport bound train at 10:42am and got off at the last stop, Greenport shortly after 12pm. The commute itself was smooth and somewhat scenic as we rode through wine country. Greenport is one of the most friendly places we have ever been to. We were introduced to our first friendly neighbors encounters when we had gotten a bit lost and had to ask an officer for directions. Before we made it to our hotel, we were greeted with hellos as we walked through the town center (Front Street) to eco-friendly hotel, Greenporter Hotel. Again, we were welcomed by the concierges with warm greetings and eagerness to assist us with anything as they did. We were allowed to check in 3 hours before normal check-in time. We spent the afternoon having lunch at Blue Canoe Oysters Bar & Grill where we both tried oyster’s for the first time! We had a local catch, Montauk Pearls Oysters, for appetizers. We’ve never eaten raw seafood before so it was a different experience but totally enjoyable until I found out I am allergic to oysters (nothing major). Raw oysters are delicious nevertheless. Who would have thought? Truly a kiss from the sea. Again, the hostesses were one of the best I have ever had. They were helpful with giving us details of dishes on their menu, suggestions of things to do, wineries, restaurants and cafes to go to and in all welcoming us to their town. After lunch, we set out to go to one of the recommended wineries, Kontokosta and used the opportunity to explore the town by walking. At first glance, Greenport seems to be solely a quick getaway/vacation town as it is across the river from the Hamptons and filled with residential senior citizens (we went on a Tuesday so it was a bit deserted). So, we were out to spot out signs of children (we saw a swing in one of the yards) and actual children (didn’t see any). It was a fun game between us. Kontokosta is a lovely winery on a nice property with huge vineyards, nice decor and good tasting wines. We did flights of wine tasting of their red and white wines and then indulged in drinking a bottle of red wine as we raced against the clock. Unfortunately, the wineries in this area closes at 5pm on weekdays and we were unable to go to other wineries. I think if we had started in the morning we would have gone to at least 4 wineries. Long Island is saturated with wineries everywhere with some across the streets or next door to each other. It is wine lovers’ heaven! Afterwards, we walked back to Front Street, made a stop by Aldo’s Cafe for double expresso shots (we are not coffee drinkers but it was worth it and shockingly only $5 for both double shots), took a walk around the water front and the boardwalk then decided to take the ferry to Shelter Island. Boy was that a not-so-good idea. We were almost eaten alive by insects but the view of the sunset on the ferry was nice. We lasted only 30 minutes on Shelter Island then fled. We ended our night with dinner at Noah’s. The food was good and ambiance is superb. I even loved the color of the walls. The next morning, we ended our short getaway with a photo op outside of the Railroad Museum of Long Island as we waited for the Hampton Jitney bus (luxury coach bus haha– they even serve you snacks and drinks– muffin, water, juice, etc.). And yes, there are children living in Greenport or at least neighboring towns. We saw an elementary school on our trip back to the city– I guess they were in school. Ha!


greenport 2 Dsc_1249 Dsc_1261 Dsc_1293 Dsc_1303

greenport 3

Dsc_1368Hmph, always breaking in breaking rules.

  Dsc_1376 greenport 5   greenport 6


greenport 1 Photos taken by mystery man or by myself. All property of WhateverMarg.

Again, another birthday for the book! Thank you for all the birthday wishes and for an amazing day. Where are some places you go to for a quick getaway from your city/town? I’d love to know. I love day trips. Xx Marg


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