How I Scored a $260 Round Trip Flight to Europe

 santorini View from my hotel suite in Santorini, Greece

I am an avid social apps user especially when it comes to Instagram. Last autumn, I started following an Instagram page called @Travelnoire. Travel Noire (link to their webpage) is an online platform that showcases and encourage people in the African diaspora to step out their comfort zone and explore their backyards and the world around them. I can’t recall how I found out about this online community but I’m guessing one of the people I follow liked one of their pictures and me being noisy wanted to see what picture it was. Thank God for my nosiness.  Afterward a month of follow this page, I was addicted to it. I couldn’t wait to see the next featured pictures and I looked at #travelnoire more than three times a day. I love traveling and haven’t done much myself so it is great to see people that look like me exploring all corners of the world. I got a chance to explore with them through their pictures. Travel Noire absolutely encouraged me to take the leap of faith. And I did! On a cold autumn evening, a couple of days before Thanksgiving day, @travelnoire posted a screen shoot of an amazing flight deal: $149 flight deal to Europe, Asia, Australia and Middle East from United Airlines. 

I saw the post a couple of hours after it was posted and by the time I visited The Flight Deal (one of my favorite sites), I was already late to the party. After reading TFD’s post, I learned it was an error/ mistake fare. I’ve heard of error fares before like when there was a price glitch and people were able to score $0 flights around the U.S via United Airlines. But, I usually heard about things like this afterwards. What good is that? This time around, I was late to the party but on time enough to still participate. After second, third, and fourth guessing myself, sending out invitations to friends and family for a good adventure (they all declined), finding deals for places like Doha, London, Dubai and Tel Aviv for $130 but losing it because I wasn’t quick enough in my actions and almost two days later (usually error fares last just for one to a couple of hours), I was finally able to book a round trip to Milan, Italy from New York City for February 25th – March 11th 2014 with Air Canada (Star Alliance with United and Lufthansa) for only $260! It was $130 more than initiated but still an amazing deal nonetheless. It mistake fare happened on Widerøe, a Norwegian online travel agent site. Thanks to Department of Transportation’s guidelines, all fares were honored by United and Air Canada and I got the opportunity to have a 14 days euro trip to Canada, Germany, Italy and Greece.

November 25th was such a good day for me and put one of my goals of traveling the world back into retrospect. I have always wanted to travel and did minor traveling after my 21st birthday (I’ll touch on that later) but the world made it seem like in order to travel the world, you have to be rich (this is a major myth that’s slowly but surely being broken). There are so many ways to travel on a budget; from finding cheap flights/traveling for free to staying at 4-5 stars hotels at a cheaper rate– all in all getting more bang for your buck. I can’t wait to share what I know with you and in return learn from you too.

Do you have any travel hacks you or others use? What’s the sweetest flight deal you have ever scored?




8 thoughts on “How I Scored a $260 Round Trip Flight to Europe

    1. Hey Lara,
      Hopefully some of the tips I have could possibly help you. There are lots of great deals everyday. I’ll be going back to Europe and then to Asia on a $130 r/t flight in November. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


  1. Great article!

    I first heard of Travel Noire through your Instagram. Seeing pictures of all the beautiful places around the world makes me want to explore and travel myself (without crutches of course). I will definitely look into The Flight Deal, thanks for the tips.


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