Weekend in Galena, Illinois


I was lucky enough to spend my weekend with some awesome people. My friend Christy invited me to her and her friend’s annual cabining trip and this year’s trip was to Lake Galena, Illinois— a two and a half hour drive from Chicago. However, our road trip took us four hours to get there because of heavy traffic along our route. (side question: where are people going to at 1pm in Chicago? Shouldn’t people be at work or something similar?) Additionally, we make several stops along the way for gas, food and photo ops along the way at Lake Galena’s scenic view and at Thunder Bay Waterfalls.

We rented a spacious house ten minutes from the lake and equipped with almost everything we needed for the weekend except sugar for sangria. The house has five bedrooms and five & a half bathroom, two living spaces (one on the main floor and the other in the “basement”), modern kitchen with ALL the utensils you’ll need for eating, cooking, grilling, and baking, two patios, a sun room, laundry room, hot tub, cable TVs, WiFi (much needed since everyone except for a Verizon user didn’t have service) and lots more (for more info click the link above). Galena also has a general store, close to it’s Owner’s Club and the Marina, that you can pick up some groceries in case you run out of food or missing an ingredient you need.

Apart from enjoying the scenic views (reminds me so much for Tuscany) and the waterfalls, you can visit its many wineries, water park, tennis court, the lake, downtown, hiking (we stayed away from that in fear of getting lyme disease) and lots more. Well, we didn’t do much of that. We spent our days reliving our old college days (you get the idea), boating on Lake Galena for hours (hope you’re getting more of the idea), and grilling for dinner. All in all, this weekend was amazing and well worth the road trip.





Dsc_1634 Dsc_1636







Dsc_1684 Dsc_1687

Dsc_1689 Dsc_1690








Dsc_1710 Dsc_1723


So, how was your weekend? What did you get yourself into? By the way, thanks Christy for the invite!




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