Irish Black Tea in Lake Como


I’ve to admit, Lake Como is as beautiful as they say BUT, it is even better in person! I visited Lake Como late winter and I found it to be a great winter getaway destination (apparently George Clooney resides here too). You’re right next to the Italian alps and thirty minutes from the Swiss alps. If you are interest in winter sports, you can make Lake Como your base. Or, you can be like me and watch the winter days roll by at this chilled, mellow vibe destination.

Milan to Lake Como is a breeze, a short thirty-three minutes train ride from Milano Centrale station to Como S. Giovanni. From there, you catch one of the local bus routes to your final destination in Como. I stayed in Argegno, one of the smaller towns in Como. After settling down, I took it upon myself to explore the town as there was still daylight (I missed my originally booked train to Como because I got lost for two hours again in Milan, trying to find Milano Centrale). Argegno is a charming village providing front row views of the lake and alps as well as the other villages. I met an Irish couple by Sanctuary of Sant’Anna and they invited me to share a cup of tea with them. They were on a one way road trip to deliver a rental camper van from Wicked Campers, (similar to the Scooby Doo van) from Milan to Amsterdam through Switzerland and Germany. Get this, their rental was twenty euros! Their camper van alone was a conversation starter with its eclectic designs so they didn’t have any problems meeting new people. So, we drank black tea and talked about life experiences ( as this is part of the rituals of traveling) as we feed the geese along the lake and gazed at our magnificent view.








What’s one aspect of traveling do you enjoy the most? One of mine is dining alone.



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