Getaway to Catskills, NY


When living in a major city like New York or Chicago, it is good to take a weekend getaway or a day trip outside of your major city. This is a must do even when just visiting. There are so many places to getaway to from the concrete jungle where dreams are made of, New York. You can take a short trip to the Hamptons or Greenport in Long Island, NY or Newport, Rhode Island or Buffalo, NY, et al. You have a vast array of options. This time around we should Margaretville in the Catskills Region, a two and a half hour drive in ridiculous New York traffic.

On this trip, we invited friends instead of just my significant other and me. “The more, the merry” they say and it was true, although I do have a slight fear of traveling with more than a certain amount of people– only due to too many opinions.

Catskills is a beautiful region and famous for its mountains, waterfalls, scenic views and both summer and winter activities. I do believe more people visit during the winter for long term stays because I notice in a lot of rental the owners mention being only available for monthly usage, especially in the winter months. We chose to admire the amazing views from our weekend property (make sure to look at the pictures below), took a dip and paddle boat at the Belleayre Beach (I paddle board a bit but lost confidence while in the middle of the lake because I learned it was up to 40ft deep and I don’t know how to swim!), indulged in meaty goodness and wrapped up the weekend with the scenic Deleware & Ulster Railroad ride from Arkville.









There were ponies on the property!









wpid-dsc_2191.jpg 2014-08-17 15.20.35  2014-08-16 15.33.38 2014-08-17 14.52.01

2014-08-17 15.21.21



Here’s a link to the property we stayed it-

What’s your take on group trips?




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