Learning to Swim


Today is the day! Well, yesterday was the day my adult swimming class was supposed to begin but low enroll resulted in class cancellation. However, the folks at my local YMCA placed me in their Wednesdays’ class. The course is for eight weeks. I will be finished a week before I take off to New York.

I am like many of you who do not want to be restricted with anything they do. For me, not knowing how to swim truly limits my freedom. Earth is make up of 71% water and because of this, I need to know how to swim– for survival reasons and enjoyment purposes. Currently, I do not know how to swim not because of fear but because I lacked interest. When I visted Panama earlier this year, I was so annoyed with myself for not knowing how to swim when I had the opportunity to explore a semi-swallow shipwreck in Isla Perro, San Blas. Ever since then, it has been my mission to learn. I have procrastinated for a while but today is the day.

Here’s a preview of my Southeast Asia itinerary:
November 16/17- Bali
November 20th- Singapore
November 23rd- Malaysia
November 26th- Philippines

Matching Rash Guard set- ASOS
Swimming Cap- some seller on Amazon

What are some things that you feel limited by?



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