Layover in Dubia


I have 9 hours layover in Dubai. What do I do? First, travel light. When people talk about traveling light, most of the time they mean traveling with just a carry-on. In some cases, it isn’t practical for everyone. I travel light meaning I travel with international size carry-on along with my purse/tote. So, I can easier carry it on the plane if needed. However, with any layovers I have and I have intentions of leaving the airport, I check in my carry-on leaving me with just my purse/tote. I do not have to worry about the airport having a luggage locker as I prepare to exit the airport.

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The Art of Procrastination Traveling


As much as I love Chicago and it’s unpredictable weather, it is take to go on the road again. This time around, I am taking you to an island country I’m the India Ocean. It is not as remote as San Blas, Panama but it’s a long trip from home and I think it will be worth the journey. Can you guess which country? I have yet to pack or even booked accommodations and I take off in less than 5 days. YIKES! Wish me luck.