2014 Reflections and New Year’s Resolutions

image(Lyon, France)

It’s officially the 35th day of the year. So, it is perfect timing to reflect on the past year as I have officially settled into the new year. 2011 was the year that changed my life but 2014 was the year that brought meaning and more excitement to my life. If someone told me that my 2014 would be what it became, I would have not believed it.

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Long Distance Friendship


Even though it had been over five years since we graduated from high school, it has always been a yearly goal to meet up and reminisce about our youth while celebrating the present and plotting the future with my high school friends. We went from spending eight class periods together for four years to sending Facebook and text messages to each other once in a while. Nevertheless, when we come together, everything remains the same.

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August Wedding


First of all, happy new month! I spent the last couple of days in August traveling back to Chicago from New York and living in a frantic. In the midst of this, I was stuck in the number 5 train on my way to the Bronx Zoo for over an hour, wasted another hour trying to find ELF Cosmetics store in Midtown then rushed to Queens at 7pm to finish packing and to LaGuardia Airport in hope of not missed my 8:55pm flight (I had to check my luggages in at least 50 minutes). Luckily, I received a text message from Southwest giving noticed of my flight being delayed more than an hour and I didn’t complain because I am almost always running late.

One of my girlfriend, Tiara, became married to her college sweetheart, William, this Labor Day weekend and there was no better reason to be back home in Chicago. I met Tiara my first semester of college after experiencing roommate problems. She was one of the first girl friends I became friends with and also my dorm neighbor. Since then, she has become a valued friends. There are some friendship that does not need constant communication and this is one of them. Life goals and aspirations may drift us apart from cities, countries and continents, but we will always pick up from where we left off.

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Weekend in Galena, Illinois


I was lucky enough to spend my weekend with some awesome people. My friend Christy invited me to her and her friend’s annual cabining trip and this year’s trip was to Lake Galena, Illinois— a two and a half hour drive from Chicago. However, our road trip took us four hours to get there because of heavy traffic along our route. (side question: where are people going to at 1pm in Chicago? Shouldn’t people be at work or something similar?) Additionally, we make several stops along the way for gas, food and photo ops along the way at Lake Galena’s scenic view and at Thunder Bay Waterfalls. Continue reading


Model Casting Hey everyone, A couple of my friends are bringing African Fashion Week to Chicago! More information of the events are sure to come but in the meantime there’s a model casting tomorrow, June 25th (complete info in the flyer above). Don’t forget to save the date: September 24- 27, 2014. For more information visit africanfashionweekchi.com

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