Irish Black Tea in Lake Como


I’ve to admit, Lake Como is as beautiful as they say BUT, it is even better in person! I visited Lake Como late winter and I found it to be a great winter getaway destination (apparently George Clooney resides here too). You’re right next to the Italian alps and thirty minutes from the Swiss alps. If you are interest in winter sports, you can make Lake Como your base. Or, you can be like me and watch the winter days roll by at this chilled, mellow vibe destination.

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Greetings, earthlings!

My good friend, Maab, just started writing after years of proscastination and her words are definitely worth reading.

So for years now, I have wanted to have my own blog. Something about writing for an audience that is potentially both young and old, similar to myself and not, from every crevice of the world seemed so enticing to me, and oh so very overwhelming. What would I write about? Would someone actually read any of it? Even if they did, how would I keep them intrigued, wanting more? Of course, I psyched myself out of starting one (as if i had something to lose, right? I mean, it is free). Years and what seems like an endless number of experiences later, I’ve finally mustered up the courage to give this a go. “What changed from a few sentences ago?” you ask? Well, I am, for one, not as fearful of criticism as I was before, and thus, the idea of complete strangers getting some insight into my life doesn’t absolutely…

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Lost in Milan

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If I could have opt out of going to Milan, I would have. However, my flight into Europe was in Milan’s Malpensa Airport. Before arriving, I read there isn’t much to do in Milano as it is business oriented but none of those reads told me about how easy it is to get lost. Thinking about it, one of my clients mentioned it as she reminisced how lost she was on her first day in Milan during the 90’s when she relocated to pursuit her career in modeling– I should have taken this as a hint.

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Europe Itinerary


After I started reading and following travelers share their journeys on Travel Noire, I was thirsty (for lack of a better word) to start seeing these places myself. I have taken many trips but none were truly solo traveling. At first, I wanted to take my first solo trip to Niagara Falls at the ending of 2013 because it is a place I wanted to experience myself and in all honesty, flights were and still are quite cheap from Chicago. However, that all changed when I scored my $260 round-trip ticket to Europe for late February to early/mid March. The thought of going to Europe, all by myself, not knowing a soul, was beyond scary but I was up for any challenges, from planning to the language barrier, to understanding how life function on the other side of the planet. Speaking of planning, I will be sharing my planning process of my upcoming 2014- 2015 Europe and southeast Asia backpacking trip shortly. In the meantime, here’s my itinerary for my Europe trip: Continue reading

Weekend in Galena, Illinois


I was lucky enough to spend my weekend with some awesome people. My friend Christy invited me to her and her friend’s annual cabining trip and this year’s trip was to Lake Galena, Illinois— a two and a half hour drive from Chicago. However, our road trip took us four hours to get there because of heavy traffic along our route. (side question: where are people going to at 1pm in Chicago? Shouldn’t people be at work or something similar?) Additionally, we make several stops along the way for gas, food and photo ops along the way at Lake Galena’s scenic view and at Thunder Bay Waterfalls. Continue reading

How I Scored a $260 Round Trip Flight to Europe

 santorini View from my hotel suite in Santorini, Greece

I am an avid social apps user especially when it comes to Instagram. Last autumn, I started following an Instagram page called @Travelnoire. Travel Noire (link to their webpage) is an online platform that showcases and encourage people in the African diaspora to step out their comfort zone and explore their backyards and the world around them. I can’t recall how I found out about this online community but I’m guessing one of the people I follow liked one of their pictures and me being noisy wanted to see what picture it was. Thank God for my nosiness.  Continue reading


Model Casting Hey everyone, A couple of my friends are bringing African Fashion Week to Chicago! More information of the events are sure to come but in the meantime there’s a model casting tomorrow, June 25th (complete info in the flyer above). Don’t forget to save the date: September 24- 27, 2014. For more information visit

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First Post!

Donkey ride from the Aegean Sea coast to Fira, Santorini– Greece

Hi everyone!

I figured I should do a somewhat proper introduction before I take off with my blog. My name is Margaret (I rarely ever respond to Marg but I might as well start) and I just turned 24 years old on June 10th (as of recently, my birth date are significant life markers for me and you’ll find out why shortly). I’ve wanted to have a blog of my own for many years (a lot of people can attest to this– I am somewhat of a procrastinator) but never followed through until now. Well, for one being I do have a lot of much content that is simply stored on laptops, Dropbox and my SD cards and I really want and need an outlet to share my experiences. I want to use my blog as a collection basket of my experiences per-say so I can reflect, in both the near and distant future, of what I can barely remember now. My short term memory is overtaking everything! I don’t want to limit myself by sticking to one category of blogging, so I am classifying this as a lifestyle blog (mainly travels, FOOD, outings, fashion, etc.). Not only will I be sharing my experiences as a black female solo traveler but also tips and tricks I have picked up, from finding good flight deals to traveling alone.

Anyway, bear with me– the last time I blogged was during the Xanga, MySpace and Tagged era so I am more than rusty with this.

Stay tuned,